My name is Dave Fitzpatrick...

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire.  I moved to Maine as fast as I could. I spent 25 years in the commercial bread business and after that business was sold, I had the desire to stay in sales and work for myself.

Putting together a list of prerequisites, I found the business that would fit my requirements: pre-engineered steel buildings. After teaming up with different professionals in the industry, I now have 12 years and close to hundred projects under my belt. From Lubec, Maine to Nantucket, Massachusetts, working for every arm of the government, many municipalities, small to medium-sized businesses...and you!


We have over 80 years of experience and we're ready to help you! 

Building Types

Our connection to five of the top steel building manufacturers allows us to provide many options for you to choose the building that best suits your need. Whatever the project requires, we can find a quality solution.

Click through to learn more about each of the main types of buildings we work with:


Basic Questions

Before we get started, it's helpful for us to know as much as possible about your project. We don't expect you to have all the answers right away, but if you can, fill out the following form with as much information as you can. We'll be in touch to discuss the particulars!


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